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Company/program History

With over a decade of specialty card, gift card, key tag and plastics printing we've seen some incredible products and ideas develop. Consumers have become accustomed to earning points in exchange for their loyalty and we are proud to have been a part of numerous programs over the years. With the popularity of these programs, new issues developed, one being 'how many cards can one carry?' This is where the EZpoints concept was born. After our own product evolutions from full sized cards to key tags, we began to realize there is nowhere left to go. The problem doesn't lie in the programs, but in the mediums used in identifying members of the programs. The answer was clear; allow consumers to use the cards they already carry to track the loyalty points rather than carry new cards. The benefits are numerous, but most of all this program allows small to medium sized businesses the opportunity to offer points without the expense and hassle of card printing. Return to Top


Implementing our program takes as little as 15 minutes and is as easy as plugging in our reader to the keyboard port of your computer. There is no software to install or learn, however you do need internet access. The reader comes pre-programmed to read any magnetically striped card and to code the information in the required manner. In order to track points you simply open a web page and slide the card of choice through the reader in the same manner you process a credit card transaction. Enter the number of points to credit or debit and return the card to the owner. Transactions take a few seconds and there is no required data entry. The program can begin within minutes of installing the reader. Return to Top


The program is compatible with all PCs that utilize RS232 keyboard ports (99.9%). In most States the customer can use their driver's license to collect points. Although credit and ATM cards will work we recommend using a driver's license for 2 reasons; there is no financial information tied to it and in many States we can collect mailing information from it allowing some unique marketing applications (we explore them in the 'Special Features' section). Other cards like library cards, or wholesale club cards will work just fine as long as they have valid information on their magnetic stripe. With an optional barcode reader you can even accept barcoded licenses or key tags from grocery stores, video stores, health clubs etc..You may choose to have a few of your own cards on hand should you have someone that does not have or wish to use another card. In 95% of cases people will already be carrying a compatible card. Return to Top

Special Features

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