Sample Case Study

A golf course in California wishes to implement a points program that gives customers a free Greens Fee after every 6 paid rounds. They also wish to learn more about their customer base.

EZpoints Solution

By implementing our base program the golf course receives a card reader pre-programmed to work with many cards including the California Driver's Licenses. When customers come in to pay for their round of golf, the cashier asks if they would like to enroll in the points program. Every time they play the receive 20 points. When they reach 120 they receive a free round. The customer agrees and is asked to present his/her license to track the points. The cashier opens the web page (an icon can be created on the desktop for ease of use) and swipes the card. Then he/she enters the 10 points and returns the card. The transaction completes in 30 seconds and the player is now a loyalty member.

The information is sent to the EZpoints server where it is processed. The points are stored and can only be accessed using the customers license. The information is formatted along with other customers and the following marketing programs are generated.


The initial hardware cost for the program was $129 (on special now!) and the base program cost $25/mo or $300 for the first year. The mailing information (300 names) cost $30, the map with 26,000 addresses cost $50 and the birthday addresses (550 names) were another $55.

Total annual cost $435

Total one-time setup $129

Grand total only $564

If this marketing generated only 1 extra round of golf a month at $49 the entire program was paid for. Case closed.

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