EIVE - Electronic Identification & Verification Equipment

EIVE is a program designed for use as a security product used in applications where positive identification of a client or customer is necessary. 

The program works by utilizing a magnetically encoded drivers license to "match or link" to the client. Think of it as obtaining an electronic signature that simply can not be falsified.

An example application is for golf course use. When a customer rents a golf cart or clubs, you can swipe their driver's license to link them to the item they are using. This eliminates the possibility of false identity and helps to deter vandalism or theft. In the case of a golf cart, each cart has it's own encoded key (as pictured below) that becomes linked to the driver's license. The process takes less time than obtaining a signature or credit card authorization and extracts information such as name, address, postal code and even date of birth.

Our software is designed to keep the golf course informed as to the whereabouts of their equipment in real-time so they can investigate quickly should an item not return as scheduled. With easy to use windows software it takes only minutes to learn to use.

At many courses, advertising can be purchased from us on the golf cart keys. Perfect for golf equipment companies, realtors and even car dealers, you can target an audience within a local area and an audience qualified as golfers.

Other applications for the software include nightclub coat checks. By using a license as a coat check tag linked to an encoded hanger, nightclubs can save thousands of dollars every year on throw away paper tags. Impossible to fake or mistake the driver's license; costly errors are eliminated altogether.

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