The Ultimate Business Card         Advertise to your clients 365 days a year        Never lose a referral

Imagine a business card...

         that stays with your clients or customers at ALL TIMES.

          that advertises to your clients or customers 365 days a year.

        that can provide a valuable service to your clients and customers, every single day.

  Our product can do this, and it will transform your business cards into a powerful advertising tool.

Product Description

Our product is a key tag that attaches to your clientís key chain. The cards are made of highly durable plastic and can be customized with anything that a conventional business card can. The tags are strong yet light in weight. They are small enough not to be bothersome, but large enough to clearly display your information. Simply give your customers or clients one of our key tags as you would a conventional business card and have them to affix it to their keys; we have added a unique service that will make it worth their while.

Key Locator Service

Every card comes with a key locator service.  This service can recover a lost set of keys for your client for as long as they keep your tag attached. .

The key tags are printed with an individual serial number and a toll free number to call anywhere in the United States or Canada should someone find a set of keys with your key tag card. We keep the name and phone number of the person who owns the keys in our database and will contact them if their keys are recovered.   All of our customerís information is kept private and confidential.

With the cost of a locksmith, alarms, wireless remote starters and locking systems, losing your keys can be a costly and inconvenient experience. This service will not only provide a value to your clients but will ensure your advertisement as well as your contact numbers stay with them at all times. 

When it is imperative that a client has your number, our key tag cards will give you the advantage you need. With our cards unmatched durability, it is no wonder some people have completely replaced their conventional business cards with our system.

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Did you know?

18% of people surveyed will lose a traditional business card within 2 hours of receiving it.                   

36% of people will lose a traditional business card within one day of receiving it.

72% will lose your card within one week of receiving it.

94% will lose your card within one month of receiving it.

By these numbers that means at $0.15 a card you will spend over $14.00 in order for one person to have your business card in one months time!

With our system, people will have your card for as long as they have their keys!!


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