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Here are some ways you can benefit from using the Key Tag Ads and K-ID system.


Place a key tag with your information on the keys involved in all of your sales transactions and here is what to expect.

  •  Every happy client now has your number conveniently located allowing for easy referrals.

  • 365 days a year you are visible not only to your client, but to anyone who sees their keys.

  • Tags can be printed with your web site, email address and any other info you want your clients to have.

  • With an individual number and your personal information, they make an ideal key identifier for internal use.

  • They fit easily into lock boxes, allowing other agents quick access to your contact information.

  • Unlike a conventional business card, they are always convenient, making you easy to reach.

  • They make an ideal low cost housewarming gift that continues to work for both you and your client.

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Car Dealers and Service Centers

Place a key tag on cars and trucks you sell and / or service. Here's why.

  • Your sales and service numbers are with your customer every time they start their car.

  • It is an ideal place to advertise your business while our key locator system continues to offer your client a service.

  • Individual sales associate names can be placed on the tag making it a long term business card.

  • Space can be added to place a decal providing information for your customer's upcoming service mileage.

  • Helps to generate referrals.

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Accountants / Lawyers / Salespeople

Give a key tag card to all of your most valued clients and customers.

  • Having your phone number in the most convenient possible place assures that your clients call you.

  • Friends recommend professional services to other friends. Our system makes sure your information is accessible.

  • People appreciate a gift. Show your clients they are valued by protecting their keys.

Night Clubs

Use a key tag instead of a VIP card for club courtesy and discount programs.

  • Benefit from the advertising value of being on a set of keys as opposed to in a wallet or purse.

  • Quickly identifies patrons of your establishment and is convenient for your customers.

  • Use the key tag as a way to remind your customers not to drink and drive by placing a statement on the tag.

  • Split the costs with a local taxi operator. Print their phone number on the tag and make it easier for your valued customers to do the right thing.

Health Clubs

Replace your larger membership cards with a key tag and here is how you will benefit.

  • Your clients will like the added convenience of having their membership proof right on their keys.

  • Your clients keys will help advertise your club anytime they are visible to friends and family.

  • The key recovery service will add value and give your clients an added reason to keep your ad on their keys.

  • The key tags can be preprinted with barcodes to match your current cards, eliminating the need to change tracking systems. 

Photography Studios

Add our key tags as an additional product. Offer custom photo key tags or our brand new fridge magnets or luggage tags.

  • You add a custom product to your line.

  • Printed with your name and phone number you increase referral opportunities.

  • You gain valuable advertising space at no cost to you.

  • The product adds no inventory costs eliminating the capital requirements of other products.

  • Add a key tag set in with wedding packages so they always have your number handy to tell others who did their wedding (even the men!)


Sell or give out floral key tags with every purchase of a bouquet.

  • Add a unique product to your shop

  • Printed with your name and phone number, your always easy to find when the need arises for flowers to be delivered.

  • Great passive reminder to send or buy flowers.

  • Inexpensive or free advertising.

Other Industries and Professions

  • Keeps your information right with your customers at all times.

  • Exposes your name and logo to others.

  • Acts as a passive long term advertising campaign.

  • Makes a unique gift for any important client or customer.

  • Won't get lost like printed pens or conventional business cards.

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