We are pleased to introduce our membership program. For an annual fee of $29.50 your membership will include the following benefits...

  • Frozen Pricing

  • Continuous Group Pricing Discounts

  • Access to all of our Monthly discount offers

  • Free Artwork Changes*

  • Free Advertising on our Website*

Frozen pricing

The price you pay for your tags today will never increase. You will qualify for this price no matter how many times the price may go up as long as your membership is kept current.

Continuous Group Pricing Discounts

If your initial order is placed in a group and you received a volume discount, you will receive this volume discount on any and all subsequent orders. If you order the minimum 50 tag order you will receive pricing on the volume of your first order. (ie. if your first order was 1000 you will receive this lower price on all of your future orders.)

Monthly Discounts

You will qualify for all of our monthly specials as well as any first time order specials. No matter how specific the promotion, you will receive the promotional price.

Free Artwork Changes

You will be able to change the look of your tags one time each year at no charge to you. (a $40.00 savings) We will update your photos and / or your information and you will incur no charge for the changes. *limit of 3 designs or 2 hours art time per year - artwork changes to precede a minimum order of 50 tags.

Free Advertising 

We will post an image of your tags in our finished samples section. Visited by many professionals this is an ideal place to advertise your tag and your information. You will receive at least 3 months of advertising per calendar year at absolutely no charge. *size of advertisement may vary. 


To become a member email us at


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